Shawn Stumpf Explains Why Hunting and Fishing Offer Great “Me Time”

Shawn Stumpf

January 7, 2021

Shawn Stumpf

While 2021 may bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic if vaccines are as effective as hoped, the fact remains that things won’t return to a semblance of normal for at least a few more months. With many societies on lockdown and businesses shuttered, people have had to find new ways to keep busy and enjoy life. Given everything that’s going on, hunting aficionado Shawn Stumpf believes that hunting and fishing offer great “me time.”

“A lot of people are spending long weeks inside with family members,” Shawn Stumpf Sarasota points out. “A quick escape to your favorite coffee shop or pub may no longer be in the cards. For me, I’ve found that hunting and fishing offer a great escape and time to be by myself.”

Hunting and fishing both offer something to do while maintaining social distance. While some people prefer to hunt or fish with friends, Shawn Stumpf notes that you can also partake in hunting or fishing by yourself or with close family living under the same roof.

“Hunting offers a great way to escape into the woods and be by yourself,” Shawn Stumpf argues. “Fishing is much the same, you can grab your boat or head to a secluded river to be by yourself or with a loved one.”

Harvard University says that 38 percent of fishers report that they fish in order to reduce stress. Shawn Stumpf believes that fishing and hunting offer just enough engagement to distract the mind from pressing worries while also giving you enough space to think and relax.

“Hunting and fishing offer more than enough space to take a deep breath and relax,” Shawn Stumpf argues. “At the same time, because you’re mentally engaged in an activity, it helps you set aside your worries. When people ask why I like hunting and fishing so much, I sometimes tell them that it’s like taking a deep breath on a relaxing weekend day. My worries drain away and I’m at ease.”

Shawn Stumpf Says That the Focus Required by Hunting or Fishing may be the Best Benefit

“When you’re hunting, you’re constantly watching the local environment, trying to pick up on hard-to-see sights, like an animal blending in with the underbrush,” Shawn Stumpf Sarasota points out. “Fishing is much the same, you’re observing local water conditions, picking bait, and trying to attract fish. It requires you to pay attention without being overly stressed. That’s perfect for relaxing, in my opinion.”

Not sure if hunting, fishing, or another hobby is for you? Shawn Stumpf Sarasota believes that it’s important to experiment. Right now is a great time to try hunting and fishing and other hobbies too.

“I’ve been testing the water with other hobbies and while I doubt anything will replace hunting or fishing, trying new things is fun,” Shawn Stumpf says. “If you’re new to hunting and fishing, give it a go. There are so many resources online that a bit of self-study will get you up to speed quickly. Just remember to pay attention to safety issues.”