Shawn Stumpf Discusses The Vital Life Lessons He Learned Playing Football

Shawn Stumpf

March 23, 2021

Shawn Stumpf discusses The Vital Life Lessons He Learned Playing Football

Former football player Shawn Stumpf believes football offers a great opportunity for learning and growth. Here’s why.

From the outside, football might simply look like a brutal sport of bodies smashing into other bodies. However, football is a highly intricate team sport that requires an immense amount of knowledge and tactics. Shawn Stumpf, an all-area player from Riverview, argues that playing football taught him a lot of valuable life lessons.

“One of the most important lessons I learned from football, and one you might not think of right away, is patience,” Shawn Stumpf points out. “If you jump early and get called offsides, it’s a quick penalty. You have to be patient. And you need to be patient while crafting skills and learning plays too.”

Football is anything but random. Many bright minds spend hours upon hours pouring over videos, drawing up plays, and looking for weaknesses in their opponents. In many ways, football is similar to a game of chess, with coaches and players making key decisions about where to move to and what to do.

While football requires a lot of physical skill, intellectual skill is often just as important. Coaches need to know what plays to call, and which plays will result in yards for the offense, or produce key stops for the defense.

“If you want to be a good football player, you have to study a lot,” Shawn Stumpf says. “Time in the film room is just as important as time in the weight room. You need to understand all the plays your own coach is calling, and you want to have a good grasp of what the opponent is doing too. This involves a lot of study and critical thinking.”

Many of the best players develop an edge by increasing their knowledge of the game of football. They learn to anticipate opponents, to identify weaknesses and opportunities on the fly, and how to take advantage of those opportunities.

Anyone interested in coaching football needs to understand the intricacies of individual positions, training, and how the game unfolds. A head coach needs to understand the entire game, including defense, offense, and the skill sets of individual players. This is far easier said than done.

Shawn Stumpf Talks About Football and Perseverance

One of the most important skills football can impart is perseverance. Few players have the talent to immediately succeed on the field. Even physically gifted players have to spend a lot of time studying film, plays, and technique.

“It doesn’t matter how gifted you are,” Shawn Stumpf points out, “you’re going to go up against other gifted people. If you want to gain an edge, you do that through perseverance, repeated effort, honing technique, and studying the game. If you simply try to outclass everyone physically, you’ll never reach your full potential.”

Accomplishing all the above requires consistent, repeated effort. Those players who lack dedication will struggle to take their game to the next level.